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Fax approved order forms to Hip Pocket Workwear & Safety (03) 5231 6531

Program Management

As previously mentioned, the program will be managed by department managers and the objectives will be efficiency of the ordering/receiving process as well as accountability to managing the dollars spent within the department. The “rules” of the program are detailed below.

  1. Employee will select the item(s) they wish to order and submit a completed order form to their manager for approval
  1. The manager will sign the approval form and fax it to Hip Pocket – Hip Pocket will not process any orders that have not been approved.
  1. Hip Pocket will ship the order to the address identified on the order form (i.e. branch office; employee’s home) and the invoice will be sent to ABS Australia, Albury with a copy of the approved order form.
  1. HR&D will maintain a spreadsheet monitoring the amount of money spent by employee/department on an annual basis.
  1. Items to be ordered are for employees only! Any items for customer promotions (i.e. hats, vests, pens, etc) require a justification to, and approval by the General Manager. ABS clothing is not to be given away to customers. There will be no exceptions to this!
  1. A quantity of ABS pens will be ordered and made available to all departments.
  1. While the $150/employee limit has been removed, it is expected that staff will use reasonable judgment in their ordering habits and managers will maintain control over the spending levels.

  1. Managers providing approval:
Area Approving Manager
Albury and District Staff Lynda Bone/Janelle Peacock
Western District Staff Paul Quinlan
Wholesale Staff Brian Beard
Kyabram and District Staff Neil Warnett
Lab Staff Paul Quinlan
Promotional Items Steve Fried
Other Staff Lynda Bone/Janelle Peacock